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Max Ittig

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Tradition – passion – inventiveness

Already in the 7th generation the Ittig family is very well-known concerning the work of glass blowers as well as the glass processing techniques.
The first glass company was founded in Thuringia in the year 1841 by Karl Ittig of I So you will see how long the traditional technologies of glass processing are applied by the Ittig family.
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When the Russian army invaded Thuringia and the inter-German border was built the Ittig family had to orientate itself anew and decided on the dangerous and spectacular escape from the GDR at that time into the western part of Germany.

The new home now was Wertheim am Main, an stronghold of the glass blower`s craft in West Germany. It was no problem at all to make a new start there and find work with the skills and the abilities of our glassblower`s family.
In Wertheim Max Ittig established the precision glass company “Max Ittig and Son”. He also invented many techniques which were enhanced by Werner Ittig and his son Karl of II.

Thus, for generations, technical glass instruments as well as volume metering devices have been produced with high precision and could be sold worldwide.

In the course of the years, another family member called Oskar Röhrer, the brother of Max Ittig, developed into a highly gifted glass blower and worked exclusively with 24% leas crystal glass. Thus he was already able to produce ornamental glass in the 1950s.

This kind of glass processing has been successful until today and currently Hans-Joachim Ittig has its own glass studio where he builds glass products using exactly the original and traditional glassworks technology.

Familie 02 His father and mentor, Karl of II, called “Kalle” also supports the whole team with his know-how and his skills in glass blowing.

As Hans-Joachim Ittig and his wife Sandrine have two children, Maximilian and Louise, the traditional kind of glass processing of the Ittig family will be continued in the future.