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Christmas fair in Ulm

For about 29 years we have been selling our glass products at the Christmas fair in Ulm, a city in the South of Germany.

Ulm WM Stand 01 Live on our mobile stage we present our audience how to produce glass objects.
Each year we assemble many glass blowing artists in Ulm, these artists create and produce glass objects on our stage.

Ulm WM Stand 01

In 2015 artists from six nations and three continents will come to our stage in Ulm. All these glass blowing artists from all over the world work together and they learn from each other. This special event made our “Ulmer Glashütte” (“Glass Studio in Ulm”) famous, not only in Germany.

Among other products, each year we stamp a glass coin in Ulm. Each year the coin has a new picture stamped on it and it is a collector´s piece. This traditional event started in 1996 with the “Ulmer Weihnachtsmarkt Taler” (The Christmas fair Coin of Ulm”). The money we earn from selling these coins is spent to save the “Ulmer Münster” (a huge church in Ulm).