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The glass workshop

Our glassblowing facility can be divided into three different departments:

Hot Shop

Werkstatt 01

Each day we create objects out of very hot glass our glassworks. We produce glass blowing objects in front of the melting oven as well as glass blowing objects using traditional Italian techniques.

Lampworking Studio

Werkstatt 02In the glass studio we work with different tubes and sticks made out of glass, the so-called “Lampenglas”. This glass processing method is a very traditional method of producing glass objects. The profession is called “Glasapparatebauer” this is an acknowledged teaching profession which is taught in Wertheim.

Flat Shop - Cold Shop

In the flatglass studio we use the fusing technique in order to create our products. Fusing is the melting of different sheetglasses in the fusing oven.

We lead the way in this special field of glass processing and teach the complicate and difficult technique in many workshops and courses.

The cold shop gives our pieces the last finish by grinding and polishing / bevelling.

Werkstatt Fusing